Easy Vegan Bibimbap

Hi!  Welcome to Las Vegan Eats.  I’m Kathleen.  First post here, and we’re getting straight to business…food.  Vegan food.  This one’s homemade.  Inspiration from, Mommy Tang’s Bibimbap You Tube video.  Her videos are my current obsession – she makes food and eats said food, all while chatting it up. That’s “mukbang” video goodness right there.

Bibimbap: [peem-beem-bahp], Korean

Bibimbap, I call it “bimbo-bop”, literally means “mixed rice”.  This dish commonly consists of rice, sautéed vegetables, meat (but we ain’t doing that), egg (but we ain’t doing that), gochuchang (chili paste), and soy sauce.  I’m gonna make this my own, and mix whatever the heck I want into that rice.

My ingredients were all made quickly and separately with a few storebought ingredients. My ingredients: cooked white rice, vegan kimchi, sautéed spinach in a little sesame oil, asparagus sautéed in a little Trader Joe’s olive oil, sliced mushrooms sautéed in a little olive oil, tofu marinated in vegan teriyaki sauce and pan fried in some olive oil, gochuchang, and some seaweed crushed and sprinkled over top.

So friggin’ good. I’ve eaten this for lunch everyday this week!   Hope this has inspired you to create your own bimbo-bop. Happy mixing!